School Hours

School Hours

School Opens 

Session 1
Morning Tea Break
Session 2
Lunch Break
Session 3

School Closes


8.55am – 10.45am
10.45am – 11.05am
11.05am – 12.30pm
12.30pm –   1.30pm
1.30pm –   3.00pm


Classes will be open at 8.30am. Parents and students will be able to go into classes anytime between 8.30 and 8.55am. Parents can see their child’s work or have a catch up with their child’s teacher. Students will be able to play anywhere in their play areas until 8.55am when the bell will go and ALL students will be expected to go into class to begin their school day. 

All students need to be at school by 8.50am every day. 

It is expected that parents will make every endeavour to have children at school before classes are due to start. It is requested that children are punctual. Lateness disrupts class routines and children miss out on instructions for the school day. 

All students are to be collected or to have left the grounds for home, by 3.15pm. Any students not collected by 3.15pm will be asked to wait in the quad for their safety.