In 1872 the first purpose built Catholic school was opened. The teacher of the school for girls was Mrs Mary Carrick. The Catholic Boys School was opened that same year and Mr Joseph Ward was first teacher of that school. 


In 1885 the Sisters of Mercy arrived in the Parish and took on the teaching of St Joseph’s Girls School.  


In 1896 they took over St Mary’s Boys School. As the Parish expanded so did the educational requirements.  


In 1903 the Convent High School was opened for girls’ secondary education, with the teachers being the Mercy Sisters. The De la Salle Brothers arrived in Blenheim and began teaching the boys from standard one to standard six at St Mary’s. The younger boys were taught with the girls at St Joseph’s. 


By the beginning of the 1970’s, the secondary school had closed and St Joseph’s and St Mary’s merged to become St Mary’s Parish School Blenheim, as we know it today. It opened with a lay Principal Mr Sullivan and caters for girls and boys from five to thirteen years old, year one to year eight.


St Mary’s Blenheim continues to provide high quality education for its students, within the context of the Catholic Faith.