Enrolment Forms

These are available from the school office or click here to download.

Preference Enrolment

If the Parish Priest signs the student off with Preference Status they will have immediate entry into the school.

Non-Preference Enrolment

Under the Integration Act we can have up to twenty three non-preference students on the school roll at any one time. If the Parish Priest determines the student as non-preference they can be put on the non-preference register. When a vacancy occurs they will be considered for the place along with the other students on the register. 

The non-preference register is reviewed every six months. Parents of student’s on the register are contacted to confirm they wish their child to remain on the register. 

Confirmed Enrolment

When the student’s enrolment is confirmed copies of the following need to be supplied:
 – Birth Certificate
 – Immunisation Certificate
 – Student’s passport if born in a country other than NZ